The Psypher Spear

Gwendolyn’s spear Gungnir is tipped with a blue jewel, runes inscribed into the grip. Its first rightful owner was Griselda, who passed it on to her younger sister after falling in battle.

This spear is a Psypher: weapons forged by Dwarves from Phozon Crystals. In contrast to red Crystals, which are artificially created from the Crystallization Cauldron, blue Crystals are formed in the netherworld. Due to their special properties, Phozon Crystals can absorb Phozons, the life force that is released when living beings die. It is in this way that Psyphers are capable of growth, becoming stronger the more enemies have fallen. Psyphers are furthermore the only weapons capable of slaying even Dragons with ease.

Wielding a Psypher, however, means heavily interfering with the cycle of souls, for Phozons are to return to the earth in order to foster new life. As one of the few people who know the passage to the netherworld, where Phozon Crystals naturally grow, Odin frequently trespasses into Queen Odette’s realm to steal these jewels for his military gain.


Three skills are acquired per chapter in the form of Phozon Prisms; together with the “Psypher”, which can be leveled up as a “skill” as well, that makes for a total of 22 skills per character. For each chapter, one skill is usually found by battling a mid-boss, one is hidden somewhere within the stage (with the skill tree giving a clue for each of them; these are very fun to look for!), and one is obtained upon beating the final boss and clearing the stage, which concludes the chapter. (Here’s a video of Gwendolyn’s Phozon Prism locations if you can’t find them all.)

Skills can be leveled up by spending absorbed Phozons: Doing so enhances your stats in general, while also increasing the damage output, the duration of additional effects (such as Stun, Freeze and buffs) and the knockdown ability of the respective skill. Leveling POW skills to their max level also reduces the POW drain by 5% each.

Below is a complete overview of the skills Gwendolyn can learn in Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, which differ from her limited and shared skillset in the original. They are listed in the order you obtain the respective Phozon Prism. The displayed POW Costs reflect the initial values. [Ground only] means that the skill can only be activated while Gwendolyn is on the ground; its effects, however, aren’t necessarily limited to the ground.

Here’s a video of the skills in action. Her ultimate, Gungnir, is cast at the 1:35 mark.

Psypher Level 9 Psypher Mastery
A spear entrusted from Griselda. Becomes sharper as it absorbs Phozons adrift on the battlefield.
Chapter I
Ice Shot Level 5 PP Cost x 05 Active
Multiple ice shots that chase foes.
Beak Drive Level 5 POW Cost 30% Active
Multi-hit dash attack. Pierces through foes.
Needle Strike Level 5 POW Cost 35% Active
Series of furious stabs that are thrust forward.
Chapter II
Blinding Light Level 5 PP Cost x 12 Active
Intense light that inflicts the Dizzy effect against nearby foes.
Arctic Shroud Level 5 PP Cost x 06 Active
Embrace the chilling cold to prevent Freeze and Burn effects for a time. [Ground only]
Assault High Level 3 Passive
Increase damage dealt against foes according to the number in a chain.
Chapter III
High Trust Level 5 POW Cost 30% Active
Upward attack that draws in airborne enemies.
Skill Link Level 3 Passive
Increase damage dealt for every skill used in a chain, up to five times.
Icicle Wave Level 5 PP Cost x 09 Active
Consecutive kicks that shoot in both directions from the ground. [Ground only]
Chapter IV
Freeze Enhancement Level 3 Passive
Increase the Freeze effect caused by Psypher skills.
Comet Spear Level 5 PP Cost x 20 Active
Shower foes in waves of glowing spears akin to comets. [Ground only]
Rising Crescent Level 5 POW Cost 40% Active
Repeated hits into a rising attack. [Ground only]
Chapter V
Fall Clash Level 5 POW Cost 35% Active
A rising attack followed by a powerful downward stab.
Pain Feather Level 3 PP Cost x 01 Active
Scatters feathers that inflict the Freeze effect while dodging.
Freeze Lance Level 5 PP Cost x 23 Active
Gather the cold to unleash ice spears. Activate to charge, release with square button.
Chapter VI
Blizzard Level 3 PP Cost x 30 Active
Damaging snowstorm that inflicts the Freeze effect against all foes. [Ground only]
Beatdown Level 3 Passive
Increase damage against downed foes.
Grid Smash Level 3 PP Cost x 18 Active
Stab the earth with all one’s might, creating a wave that knocks away foes. [Ground only]
Chapter VII
Gungnir Level 1 PP Cost x 50 Active
Let loose the all-piercing god spear and massively damage all foes. [Ground only]
Icebreaker Level 3 Passive
Increase damage against Frozen foes.
Needle Storm Level 3 PP Cost x 12 Active
Repeated stabs that unleash shock waves towards the front.


Abilities are unlocked by spending Ability Points on them; one Ability Point is rewarded each time the character levels up. While skills are automatically learned whenever you obtain the respective Phozon Prism, abilities have to be unlocked in a particular order in the ability tree: Each ability requires you to have first obtained the preceding ability in the tree.

Below is a complete overview of the abilities Gwendolyn can unlock in Odin Sphere Leifthrasir. The table is to be read as follows: Let’s say you want to unlock Backstab. To do so, you have to unlock abilities in this order: Fast Glide (initially unlocked) → Counter GuardAerial ForceBackstab. The Shield Bash branch is not part of the Aerial Force branch (which leads to Backstab) and thus not a requirement for Backstab.

Fast Glide Increase gliding speed.
Counter Guard Increase damage of next attack by 30% after a successful guard.
Shield Bash Perform a bash attack by pressing forward just after guarding an attack.
Reflect Shield Repel enemy projectiles.
Stun Bash May inflict the Dizzy effect with a successful Shield Bash.
Aerial Force Increase the damage of aerial attacks by 10%.
Backstab Increase the damage dealt by 20% when attacking a foe from behind.
Recovery Up Increase any HP recovery by 20%.
Icy Grip Apply Freeze effect to attacks when HP is 30% or lower.
Resistance Be less likely to get status effects.
Charge Up Increase POW’s auto-recovery speed.
Power Supply Recover POW upon defeating a foe.
Reinforcement Enhance additional effects of equipment.
Gourmet Increase EXP gain from food by 20%.
Charm 20% discount on shop items.
Wisdom Improve grade-increase amount during alchemy by 30%.