Valkyrie Princess

They cannot scare me with their empty spaces
Between stars — on stars where no human race is.
I have it in me so much nearer home
To scare myself with my own desert places. Robert Frost, “Desert Places”

Gwendolyn’s story is largely told in the first book of the game, Valkyrie, which makes her the first playable character. It wouldn’t be until several books later, however, that the missing pieces of her tale are revealed, and the conclusion of that tale takes place once all five character books have been experienced.

Gwendolyn’s official character trailer can be watched here.

Official Descriptions

Daughter of the Demon Lord Odin, sorcerer king, and a princess of the Kingdom of Ragnanival in the frozen north. She is a courageous Valkyrie whose name is known and feared on the battlefield, yet her older sister Griselda is even more skilled in the ways of war. Growing up in her sister’s shadow has led Gwendolyn to be quiet and reserved, but she will stand up against anyone when necessary. Old Official Site (nearly identical to the physical manual)
She glides and floats around effortlessly with her beautiful blue wings. The "Psypher" spear, which was entrusted to her by her late sister, has the power to instantly freeze foes and crush them into pieces. New Official Site
The Valkyrie princess of the great northern nation of Ragnanival. She is the second daughter of King Odin, the Demon Lord, and is feared on the battlefield as “Odin’s Witch.”

Wielding a Psypher spear, she fights to earn the love of her lordly father. Though usually quiet and modest, she faces her foes in battle with strength and resolve. Digital Manual
The princess of the great northern nation of Ragnanival. She is the second daughter of King Odin and is a Valkyrie who fights courageously with her Psypher spear. On the battlefield, she’s known as “Odin’s Witch.”

Gwendolyn is usually quiet and modest, perhaps due to her sister Griselda being a strong and well-trusted Valkyrie. Gwendolyn fights not out of loyalty to her king, but of love for her father, for whom she will bravely face any enemy. Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Artbook


The soul shines proudly
after falling in battle

The birds have a belief:

This is the only method
of earning an immortal soul Book 1: Valkyrie

Each book opens with a poem that sets the theme and mood for the story that follows. Gwendolyn’s opening poem refers to the role and pride of the Valkyries as they march into battles on Odin’s orders, confident and fearless so long as they have purpose on the battlefield. For their loyalty and sense of honour, they fight without mercy until the moment they exhaust their life, not desiring any other end than that.

Gwendolyn, too, is unafraid of death, and all too eager to throw herself into battle. Her sister’s early demise — the opening scene of Gwendolyn’s book — and her parting words only add to that, for Gwendolyn’s deepest unspoken wish is to be acknowledged and loved by her indifferent father: if not as his daughter, then at least as an obedient soldier who dies an honourable death in the line of duty.