A military nation located in the northern central area of Erion under the reign of the Demon Lord Odin. Its capital “Nebulapolis” boasts an impregnable security due to a guard consisting of Dwarves and Valkyries. Official Site

Ragnanival, also referred to as the Demon Lord’s realm, is one of the six nations in the game, its streets guarded by Gargoyles, magical statues that move upon spotting intruders. Ragnan Silver, its raven-embossed currency, is among the two globally accepted currencies and the common favourite of the people.

Demon Lord Odin

King Odin is widely feared as a formidable warrior and a cunning sorcerer, his flail Balor being the largest Psypher to ever have been created. Throughout the game and across all storylines, his ambition and thirst for power lead him to challenge various opponents and to talk powerful individuals into becoming part of his schemes. As a result, he has made many enemies. While the late queen is not mentioned by name, she has left Odin with two daughters: Griselda and Gwendolyn.

The Aesir

Next to the Fairy kingdom with its Vanir forces, Ragnanival is arguably the most prominent nation in terms of current military presence. Its forces, the Aesir, are composed of proud spear-wielding Valkyries capable of flight (who believe that death in battle is the most honourable end), savage axe-wielding Berserkers (Ragnanival’s men who are said to have to choose between service and death) and Warriors (middle-aged Viking fighters). A recent addition to the army are Dwarves, who provide smithing expertise and contribute to battles with bombs, traps and machinery. These Dwarves had initially pledged loyalty to the Fairy Queen Elfaria, but were persuaded by Odin to join the Aesir during the war between the two nations.

At the head of the forces are the arrogant warrior Brigan, the general of the Aesir, and the brave first princess Griselda, commander of the Valkyries.

The Cauldron War

Odin’s primary goal is to claim victory in the true final battle, and to emerge as the survivor who will become the new king of the world — so his interpretation of the ancient prophecy. For that reason, he has continuously strengthened Ragnanival’s military, with which he waged war against the magical kingdom of Valentine. When Valentine mysteriously fell overnight, the masterless Crystallization Cauldron was left behind: an artifact capable of generating infinite Phozons, the promise of absolute power.

In the aftermath, Ragnanival has declared war on the Fairy kingdom Ringford as they fight over the Cauldron: Ringford so as to guarantee the survival of the Fairy race, Ragnanival to achieve victory in any battle to come.