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Related Works

These are shameless self-plugs that might be of interest to you if you’ve enjoyed what I’ve written on Sway!

Dornenkaefig is a shrine to Idike from Ludwig Revolution, another princess who tries very hard to be acknowledged by her father only to shatter herself in the process. As with Odin Sphere, Ludwig Revolution contains many elements of classic tales (more precisely, fairy tales), and Idike and Gwendolyn even happen to share the same one: Little Briar Rose.

Valkyrie is a shrine to Rose from The Legend of Dragoon, a solitary warrior who firmly stands up for her beliefs even if it means having to fight all alone. Like Gwendolyn, she struggles with her many different roles, still in search of her true self, and as with Erion, the world of Endiness is all about examining different interpretations of the same myth.

Setting Sun is a shrine to the manga Dream Saga by Megumi Tachikawa, another story steeped in prophecies and myth. Where Odin Sphere heavily draws from European myths, Dream Saga dedicates itself to Japanese mythology. Curiously, both of them use borrowed terms for the approaching end of the world: Odin Sphere refers to it as Armageddon (rather than the Norse term), Dream Saga as Ragnarök (this is said Norse term).

Strength of Heart is a shrine to Cephiro from Magic Knight Rayearth, yet another fictional world heading towards its own destruction as foreign forces battle with one another for their own desires. As with Odin Sphere, Magic Knight Rayearth is ultimately a coming of age story wrapped in a beautiful fantasy layer, complete with its chosen ones of legend.